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Color Me Entertained

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

One of the hardest things for me to do during the COVID-19 shutdown has been to keep being artistic and creative. To add insult to injury, travel hasn't really been possible which has always been a huge inspiration of mine artistically. The one thing that I have noticed, is that even just a trip to Huntington Beach seems like a real TRIP because I've been so local lately!! It's so easy to sit in front of the television or iPhone and become a sponge for other people's creativity. I was thinking about what I could do to keep those juices flowing. I've never been very good at sitting down with a blank piece of paper and creating something from scratch. The blank

piece of paper is filled with so many possibilities that my imagination runs wild with choices. Each potential subject seems an inadequate option for the creation of an artistic endeavor. That's why I always loved coloring books both as a child and an adult. It gives you a skeleton to start with, but allows for a great deal of creativity. Color, shading, and highlighting can all be used

to create a unique work of art. I know a lot of people of all ages are going through the same thing I am right now and I wanted to create something that would encourage creativity in both myself and others. I came up with some fun edits of my favorite SoCal and Long Beach images I've captured with my photography and turned them into coloring pages. There are six images available in the Coloring Pages tab on to download, print, and color! I did the above one real quick to show you all my amazing color pencil skillz! :) If you decide to color any of the pages I'd love to see them and share them! Let's get and stay creative. Let's be active and positive. Let's make 2020 the year of learning and innovation that makes 2021 the best year ever! Be and stay well friends!


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