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Living in LGBTQIA+ Long Beach

Happy National Coming Out Day from Sunny Long Beach, California! Living in such a diverse city is such an inspiration both personally and professionally for me. Long Beach celebrates all the things that make us different and unique more than any other place I've ever been in my life. Its inclusive spirit applies to art, music, architecture, landscapes and pretty much everything you can imagine here in Long Beach. If you've never visited, you are missing out! If you are looking for an open and accepting place to relocate, no matter how you identify, come through and see what we are all about. There is so much to do and see here, it's impossible to do everything, but that won't stop me from trying! This fun and fabulous Lifeguard Station is located at 12th Place, right across from the LBC gayborhood! Take stairs at 11th Place if you want the easiest route to get to the rainbow lifeguard stand. It's a great photo opportunity for anyone that wants a fun, beachy vibe but also wants to support LGBTQIA Plus visibility! I inserted a google map link below to show you exactly where the lifeguard station is as well!

Happy National Coming Out Day and Happy Hunting!


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