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Long Beach Street Art: A Unique Opportunity For Aesthetic Experiences In The Time Of COVID-19

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

I'm sure it's VERY evident, but I love living in Long Beach. One of the things I love most about the LBC is its excitement and appreciation for art in all it's amazing expressions. One of the most glorious forms it takes, in my opinion, is street art. There are so many different pieces, in so many different mediums, from so many different artists, that it truly creates an aesthetic masterpiece of an entire city. Since COVID19 has shut down museums and galleries, it's been really hard to get my regular artistic fixes. Something that has been really helpful in getting and keeping my artistic juices flowing has been partaking in public art appreciation by going on street art "drive-bys". It's a great way to be in public, but also stay socially distanced and safe. I just grab the dog, jump in the car, and drive. It doesn't take very long to run into some beautiful public art in Long Beach if you pay attention and keep your eyes open. It has been really fun and reminds me of going to look for Christmas lights as a child. That feeling of excitement when you are approaching an aesthetic masterpiece, the creation of something beautiful out of what seems like nothing, the joy of having no real destination and no agenda makes you live in the moment. In this day and time, that luxury is absolutely priceless! The experience has really made me appreciate the skill and technique employed by the many artists involved in beautifying Long Beach. It has also made me remember how lucky I am to be living in a resilient city that has so may amenities like public art to enjoy. I think we all take where we live for granted sometimes. I highly recommend getting out there and looking at your city with the eyes of a tourist every so often. Going to your favorite places, smelling your favorite smells, hearing your favorite sounds.....falling back in love with the place you live, can help remind you where your home is amazing. It's all about looking for the positive and beautiful wherever you are. I will admit that's pretty easy for me to do living in Long Beach as it's not uncommon to find beauty around every corner, in every person, and on every block.

I've compiled a few of my personal fave outdoor art pieces in Long Beach Below. I hope it inspires you to venture out on your own art appreciation road trip and to explore your world wherever you are! Happy hunting friends!


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